Why Choose Spider Travel Peru

100% Direct Local Tour Operator based in Cusco

Spider Travel Perú is a family owned travel agency and direct local tour operator based in Cusco with personal experience with over many years of trekking. Spider Travel Perú is a 100% Cusquenian Company without any shareholders. Anjhely the owner is passionate about providing people the best quality service possible.

Quick & easy international communication

Spider Travel Peru always answers all emails promptly. We have online chat services, whatsapp, and international phone numbers from the USA, Canada, England, and Australia with which you can call us. You can also contact us through skype. If you need us to call you, we can call you anywhere in the world. Just put your number on your booking form or send us an email. That makes communicating with us easy and personal. We would love to hear from you!

Customized tours & packages

Spider Travel Peru has the most personalized tours and packages for all budgets, which are created to satisfy the wishes of our clients when looking for something unique in a travel experience. Our adventure tours and all-inclusive packages are carefully designed to provide the best experience possible. Our tours are conducted in private or small groups with an average of 4 to 6 people and a maximum of 8 people. We have several tours to Machu Picchu to choose from.

 With our tour packages, we have the flexibility to adapt them to your needs. For example, you can to spend an extra day in Machu Picchu, add an additional tour or change the order a bit to suit your needs.  Just let us know what you want to do and we will send you a customized itinerary.  The details of all of our tours and tour packages can be found on our website at www.spidertravelperu.com under the titles of “Tours to Machu Picchu” and “Packages”.  Take some time to explore it!

All tours and treks are operated by Spider Travel Peru and all departures are 100% guaranteed

All Treks & Tours are operated only by Spider Travel Peru staff and professional guides.  What that means for you is that Spider Travel Peru will never pass you onto another company or 3rd Party; we will work with you until we get it right…. All the departures are 100% guaranteed – If you booked, made your deposit and recieved your confirmation email ! You are going!

Personalized attention with the most dedicated team

Spider Travel Perú is a family owned tour agency based in Cusco, which provides personalized attention to each client’s needs from the very beginning to the very end of our treks and tours. We want you to feel that your needs and desires are important to us. We work hard with all the details because we want you to have the best travel experience possible. The personalize service includes making little adjustments to our tours or treks so that we can meet your individual needs. One size does not fit all.  We keep our groups small, 4 to 6 on average with a maximum of eight person and offer private groups for a little extra money.  By keeping our groups small, our professional guides can give each client the personalized attention they deserve and want.

Incredible guides, chefs and crew employed & trained by Spider Travel Peru

Spider Travel Peru carefully chooses the best native Inca guides possible. They all speak fluent English and are passionate about trekking in the Andes. All of them have a university degree in Tourism and Guiding in order to become Professional Guides.  Each guide is licensed and has completed studies in either Archeology, Anthropology or Biology.   We only hire guides with a minimum of 2 years experience.  That means the best possible experience for you with guides that truly speak English and are knowledgeable in Inca History, Heritage and Culture. In addition, all of our guides get trained by the RED CROSS in first aid, CPR and are prepared to deal with possible health emergencies.
Our professional chefs are fabulous! On the treks out in the middle of nowhere, they are able to prepare delicious and abundant buffet style meals.  Our professional and dedicated cooks prepare Peruvian and International Cuisine  from a mixture of local and exotic produce. We also cater to vegetarians, vegans, and other types of special diets or special dietary requirements upon request. We are sure you will enjoy your gourmet meals as you trek the Inca Trail.

Giving back to our local communities

Here are some different ways that Spider Travel Perú is giving back to our local communities. 
• We are actively involved in setting up service projects to benefit the local communities through which we trek, such as clothing, food, and education support etc.
• We train the locals in the isolated communities of the Andes in skills such as weaving, raising llamas, & agricultural production and much more.
• We are very committed to ensuring that the local people benefit through tourism.
• We create new jobs and opportunities to improve the living standards of the local people and their families
• We give fair treatment, decent wages for all our local employees and health insurance for our crew and staff.
• We use locally owned transportation and accommodation.
• We protect and ensure that the indigenous wisdom of the native Inca communities is not lost.
We provide educational scholarships for individuals who lack resources to realize their dreams and reach their potential.



Why travel with us: Spider Travel

Spider travel Peru is a young and innovative company. We share the best of Peruvian history with a touch of modern. We create personalized tours to satisfy the needs and wishes of all our clients. Our tours and treks accommodate all budgets and are carefully designed to you the optimum experience. We guarantee small intimate groups that never exceed 8 people. We offer several unique tours to Machu Picchu and beyond.
Tours Guides - Spider Travel Peru

Our guides

All our guides have many years of experience in the industry and come highly recommended. They are fully versed in the values and vision of Spider Travel and will provide a service inline with those values. Our guides are knowledgeable and passionate about Inca Heritage and culture and in Peru as a whole. They dedicate themselves to continuous professional development and growth to ensure that you receive the most recent accurate and recognized theories about Inca and Andean culture. They are well educated, usually holding a degree in more than one field of study and can therefore hold a conversation on a broad spectrum of issues. Finally, expect to have an amazing time while trekking, our guides are fun loving and great sportsmen.

Tours Guides
porters inca trail

Our Porters

Our porters personify hard work. We employ about 90 porters from local communities. They are mostly farmers by trade and are native Quechua speakers. They mainly come from the indigenous communities around the trail. We refer to our super porters as ¨Red Machine¨. This is because they work hard during the treks but carrying duffel bags, camping gear, and more! It is important to us that we employ porters from local villages because we are supporting them to become self-efficient and helping communities grow their economy to better the quality of lives.

We provide the following items to our porters and cooks for free: Working insurance, Jacket, sun hat, warm hat, t-shirt, pants, hiking boots, comfortable duffle bags, canteen, girdle for protecting their spine, sleeping bags, mattress.

Our porters are what make everything look seamless and smooth. They have your tent ready before your arrival in your tent and most importantly they significantly lighten that camping gear load.

the  food inca trail

The Best food on Inca Trail

This is where youth comes in handy. Our chefs are fully trained to provide the most scrumptious, abundant and simply mouthwatering meals in the outdoors with limited equipment. Our chefs prepare the best of fusion cooking that includes Peruvian and International dishes, using organic local and exotic ingredients. Our chefs are very versatile, serving even better specialty dishes for those with food allergies and specific dietary requirements. It has been a highlight for a majority of our hikers and we have yet to disappoint a trekker. Enjoy a complete and immersive culinary experience while trekking through the rugged Andes Mountains.

best food on inca trail - Spider travel Peru
Camping inca trail hike - Spider Travel

The Best Camping Equipment

Enjoy a good night sleep in our 4 season igloo waterproof, spacious and professional EUREKA tent. All our tents are 4 person tents. ONLY 2 people will sleep in each, leaving lots of room to spread out comfortably and store your duffel bag. They also include a little vestibule in front, giving you some extra outdoor space to leave your boots and walking poles so you don’t have to bring the dirt inside. We also bring our own portable camping toilet, so you can use our clean facilities instead of the ones provided by the government. Our dining tent is spacious, with room to hangout during meal time and get to know your fellow hikers and guide.

Camping   wiñayhuayna