For a long time we have all experienced a lot of forest fires and deforestation around the world, and the Andes, especially the Cusco region, are no strangers to this huge problem. Many people seeking larger farmland are burning forests, cutting down trees for industrial purposes, and every year we are left with less and less vegetation. Adding to this problem, most farmers grow trees that have a negative impact on the environment. Like the eucalyptus trees they deteriorate the surrounding soil and with their natural oils they create a dry environment that is prone to wildfires. Unfortunately, local farmers only see their own benefits in the profits they make and not in the needs of nature itself

Reforestation Benefits:

  • Regional watersheds that have been damaged by deforestation can be brought back to health through reforestation. Regional watersheds are an important resource for human development.
  • It helps to rebuild areas for the livestock in an extensive production system.
  • It helps to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air and significantly decreases the presence of toxic gases like methane. Forest are natural effective carbon sink. Carbon given out from burning fossil fuels is absorbed by the forests.
  • It provides wood for the locals that can be used as fuel.
  • The trees prevent or reduce soil erosion and water contamination. The roots of trees serve as natural nets spreading extensively into the ground to hold the soil in place. As soil runoff is prevented essential nutrients are retained and the soil remain fertile.
  • Forests maintain the water cycle of the area by absorbing moisture through the leaves and roots. They are a natural storage system of rainwater and slows down the aridity of the atmosphere.